Crypto Coin Minute for November 14th, 2022 at 06:15 AM Pacific Time.

Current Bitcoin price is $16,763.91, 1d CHG 0.42%

Current Ethereum price is $1,259.72, 1d CHG 1.33%

Current Binance Coin price is $284.50, 1d CHG 1.28%

Current XRP price is 35.02 cents, 1d CHG -1.28%

Current Dogecoin price is 8.75 cents, 1d CHG -0.51%

Solana Developers Bifurcates Solana Liquidity Hub Serum after Hacking Incident on FTX

Exchange outflows hit historic highs as Bitcoin investors self-custody

Binance CEO Likens FTX Fiasco to 2008 Financial Crisis Warns of Cascading Effects