Crypto Coin Minute for March 16th, 2024 at 06:15 AM Pacific Time.

Current Bitcoin price is $68,040.24, 1d CHG 0.16%

Current Ethereum price is $3,675.53, 1d CHG -0.80%

Current Binance Coin price is $601.34, 1d CHG 3.60%

Current Solana price is $191.08, 1d CHG 11.15%

Current XRP price is 62.44 cents, 1d CHG -0.27%

Analysts warn MicroStrategys plan to fuel Bitcoin buys with debt could backfire

Parallel Creator Details Colony AI Game on Solana, Pushing PRIME to All-Time High Price

Vanguard CEO says Bitcoin ETFs do not belong in a long-term portfolio