Crypto Coin Minute for June 1st, 2023 at 06:15 AM Pacific Time.

Current Bitcoin price is $26,954.58, 1d CHG -0.75%

Current Ethereum price is $1,865.75, 1d CHG -0.27%

Current Binance Coin price is $305.15, 1d CHG -0.67%

Current XRP price is 50.75 cents, 1d CHG -0.66%

Current Cardano price is 36.49 cents, 1d CHG -2.60%

Elizabeth Warren emphasizes the involvement of cryptocurrencies in the fentanyl trade, and proposes a bill to combat it.

Central Banks Are Much More Pessimistic About the US Dollar. refutes allegations of liquidity issues amidst controversy over the disappearance of Multichain CEO.

Jimbos Protocol seeks assistance from law enforcement after a hacker disregards $800,000 reward.

Investment bank TD Cowen closes down crypto unit, a year after opening